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How This Shirt Is Saving Lives!



It’s that time of the year again!  Today and since yesterday hundreds of radio stations across the nation, are hosting a Radiothon.   The purpose: TO SAVE LIVES BY DONATING TO ST JUDE CHILDREN’S RESEARCH HOSPITAL.

The annual campaign “#ThisShirtSavesLives is hoping to break records nationwide. I was able to visit the hospital in Memphis, TN recently and realized what a magical place it is.  Not only because of their patients but because of the hard and humanitarian work, they do!  I talked to doctors, visit the labs, walked around the premises of the hospital and as well as the Target House.  Let me tell you something my friends, this place is full of hope and positivism.    

#ThisShirtSavesLives is an easy way to give and received something back.  You basically commit to donating at least twenty dollars a month, and you get a shirt.  So far in the South of the country, this campaign has been such a success!  Now, ST. Jude is proud to bring it to the Hispanic Community, where Hispanic children are more likely to be diagnosed with and die from acute lymphoblastic leukemia than children from other backgrounds.What a great chance for us; my community, your community to become Angels of Hope!  Like we said in Spanish: ANGELES DE ESPERANZA!!!

Keep in mind that any family that has a child being treating for Cancer, DOES NOT, and WILL NOT receive a bill for any of their services at ALL!.  St Jude, not only provides highly qualified staff, or an interpreter, for those ones that don’t speak the language, they also help the families to get a place to live ie; Target House that will provide with an apartment until their kid is ready to go back home.  And when life happens and you're involved in a situation like this, knowing that you’ll not get a single charge for a service, it’s just a blessing.

What are we waiting for? Let’s all pick up that phone and dial 1-800-998-8432, remember it only takes $20.00 a month to become an Angel of Hope! Let’s give these kids a second chance, a chance to have a happy and healthier life.  Because remember “No child should die at the dawn of life”. 

#UnidosConStJude #AngelesdeEsperanza #StJude #ThisShirtSavesLives  

I'm leaving a youtube video from our friend Sebas que hizo, al volverse participe con los niños de St. Jude!