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Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph Breaks The Internet


We had the opportunity to watch a screening for “Ralph’s Breaks the Internet” at the world famous Captain Theater in Hollywood, CA.  First, didn’t know what to expect, since I never got to see the first one. So I went in with a open mind that was going to be another kids movie.   

The story is based in this days era, where technology is taking over our world, including the kid's new ways to distraction.  I was so hooked into the storyline, that not only portrays the way we’re leaving but also is ending a message where loyalty and friendship mean everything.  Something we all can relate to this days especially to this supporting each other movement. Where we no longer are worrying about skin tones, languages or looks (yeyyy).  

Ralph and Vanellope ( the main characters) are part of an arcade game.  Then, the wheel from the arcade where they belong broke. They wanted to fix the situation, so their other fellows' characters stay on the game as well and don’t become homeless.  They traveled to the internet via the router in the hopes of somehow getting the wheel themselves. Meanwhile, Ralph manages to become a gamer superstar in the internet world, hoping to earn the money to buy the wheel for the arcade, so everyone can stay safe.

Later Ralph is put on a face to face in the situation finding out his best friend might not be coming back home with him, even if they get the wheel.  He wasn’t very happy about that, and another whole friendship drama begins. He kinda had a breakdown, things starting to go downhill, and out of control from there.

This movie shows a lot of emotions, struggles, friendships, breakups, insecurities that we all have, but in the end, as a kid’s movie should be, the good deed wins and everyone gets back to be the friends they were.  Understanding that sometimes, the end is not how we have pictured it, but we have to accept it. Let people find their own way to happiness and be able to applaud their accomplishments from the distance, but very close to the heart.  

Leave your comments below and wish you can find your Ralph or Vanellope discovering a world of endless possibilities!