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Museum of ICE CREAM

The highly anticipated opening of the Museum of Ice Cream happened a while back.  I finally had the chance to go, and let me tell you something, It’s FUUUN.  I know, I know if you try to get tickets now, it’s completely SOLD OUT.  I’m even crying out here for not taking the perfect outfit or hadn’t taken the enough time while there.  Anyways, I would like to share my adventure with all of you my friends.   


The day started waiting in-line for a half hour to get in.  The time flew because their attendants were so fun and charming that made time go fast.  You walked in and you’re welcome with a chocolate bar and some cheerful instructions.  Inside you can find everything you think of color wise; neon, bright, pastel!  I’m sure you have checked Beyoncé’s pictures from the museum, and are adorbs!!!.  They also give you black Ice cream, gummy bears (my fave candy), and even pink pancakes with more ice cream!


More excitement comes towards the end of the museum, where you encounter your inner child with a sprinkles pool. YAAAASSSS! You’ll swim in sprinkles and will make it rain.  This day was a completely rainbow experience, hehehe. JCheck out the photo gallery and let me know what you think… Do you want them to add more dates?  Which was your favorite picture and would you get tickets this time?  Keep following my adventures on: @hectorrochas  #bearsnunicorsla