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Cheat Day LAnd

Cheat Day Land, a new L.A. pop-up museum, is completely devoted to “cheat day” foods. It’s an interactive museum in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District is full of bright murals of burgers and fries, tacos, doughnuts, and cake.  It similar to the Museum of Ice Cream, but this one focuses more on all your cravings and things we like to eat!
Visitors will tour through a maze of roughly 10 food-themed rooms, ending in the gift shop. It will take you around an hour to tour the whole exhibit! There will be different vendor every day, so you can sample or buy your favorite treats. Don’t forget that the new Art District's acquisition Guerrilla Tacos is next door.

Guests can jump on a trampoline, made to look like a pancake-flipping skillet, scale a doughnut rock-climbing wall, dive into a large bowl of cereal or lift doughnut dumbbells – all features primed for Boomerang. Cheat Day Land is the dreamy work of five siblings. Rubi Rymenmy, the brainchild, came up with the idea for an interactive museum while visiting Japan. She pitched the concept to her sister, Yolanda Reyes, the business-minded sibling, and her brothers Enrique, Manuel and Nick Reyes – self-taught artists whose images are featured throughout.

“We love food, we love art. Why don’t we make a celebration of that?” Rymenmy said.

The brothers designed every piece of artwork throughout the museum, excluding one mural from Los Angeles-based street art group, Love Crew.

The museum opened on Oct. 1 and will be open until February 2019

Tickets cost $38.  Don’t walk, run and do it for the gram!!!