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Beyond The Streets

Beyond The Streets

BEYOND THE STREETS (BTS) is the premier exhibition of graffiti, street art and beyond, celebrating the soaring heights to which the world’s most recognizable modern art movement has risen. BTS is a groundbreaking multimedia showcase of paintings, sculpture, photography, installations and more. The exhibition debuted in Los Angeles in May 2018 in an industrial indoor and outdoor space.

Curated by Roger Gastman. He is a graffiti historian, urban anthropologist, and collector who Forbes says "has made a career of being the cultural connector between street artists and the art world." BEYOND THE STREETS is Gastman’s dynamic follow-up to Art in the Streets, the U.S.' first-ever graffiti and street art retrospective which broke MoCA Los Angeles' attendance record with 220,000 visitors. Known for founding and co-publishing Swindle magazine with Shepard Fairey, Gastman co-authored The History of American Graffiti and co-produced the Oscar Award-nominated Banksy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

This exhibit is not a historical retrospective but an examination of cultural outlaws who embody the spirit of the graffiti and street art culture. The exhibition includes well-known artists whose work is influenced or inspired by these risk takers and whose efforts have elevated the movement to new heights. Focuses on artists primarily derived from the graffiti and street art movements, with a documented history of mark making and rule-breaking as well as a robust studio practice.  

Below are artists featured in the Los Angeles exhibition.

A-One | AIKO | Al Diaz | Alicia McCarthy | André Saraiva | Andrew Schoultz | Anthony Lister | BANKSY | Barry McGee | BAST | Ben Jones | Bill Barminski | Bill Daniel |BLADE | buZ blurr
Charlie Ahearn | CHAZ Bojórquez | CLAW | Cleon Peterson |COCO 144 | CORNBREAD
Craig Costello | C.R. Stecyk III | CRASH | DABSMYLA |Dan Witz |Dash Snow | DAZE
DEFER | DELTA |Dennis Hopper | Eddie Martinez | Estevan Oriol | FAILE | FAITH XLVII
Felipe Pantone | FREEDOM | FUTURA 2000 | Gajin Fujita | Globe Poster | Gordon Matta-Clark
Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins | Guerrilla Girls | HACER | HAZE | Henry Chalfant | HuskMitNavn
INVADER | Jean-Michel Basquiat | Jenny Holzer | Jim Prigoff | John Ahearn | KATSU
KC Ortiz | Keith Haring | Kenny Scharf | Kilroy Was Here | Kristofferson San Pablo
LADY PINK | LAZAR | Lee Quiñones | Maripol | Mark Mothersbaugh | Martha Cooper
Maya Hayuk | MIKE 171 | Mister Cartoon | Pat Riot | Patrick Martinez | Paul Insect
POSE | PRAY |Randall Harrington | RETNA | Jason REVOK |Richard Colman | RIME
RISK |Ron English | Ron Finley | Ruby Neri | SABER | Sam Friedman | SANESMITH
Sayre Gomez | Shepard Fairey | SHOE | SJK 171 | SLICK | SNAKE 1| Stephen Powers
SWOON | Takashi Murakami | TAKI 183 | Tim Conlon | Timothy Curtis | Todd James
VHILS | Victor Reyes | ZESER